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There are wide ranges of garage doors that you can choose from nowadays, but the conventional wooden garage door is still the most popular choice of homeowners. These are several factors why despite of many other materials for garage door, wood is still the number one choice. Wood never loses its popularity because of the beauty and neatness that it can give to your home. The quality of wood as materials for your garage will vary according to the type of wood, the construction, type of garage and the technician that will install your garage door. The following are reason why wood is the number one choice of many homeowners.

· Price- the cost of wood is much cheaper compared to steel that is why many homeowners chooses to install wooden garage doors, but it does not mean that wood is low in quality. The least expensive among the choices of wood doors is the painted flat wooden garage doors. Raised panel wooden door is much expensive when compare to flat panel doors, but it is much affordable when compared to other garage doors that are made from different materials. Homeowners, who want to install garage doors, will have wide range of choices when it comes to prices and wooden garage can fit into any budget.

· Wood choices- woods for garage doors are available in diverse grades of wood. The most common choice of wood is the painted wood and it is also the very cheap. Many manufacturers offers painted wood in different range of colors and you can choose the color that will suit the color of your home. If you want to go for the expensive one, then you can choose stain-grade wood. This kind of wood can add elegance and style to your home.

· Insulation- when you talk about insulation ability, wood is a good insulator than steel. You can also add weather stripping to the wood for better insulation capability. Wooden garage doors are better installed for garage that is use for play as well as a utility area, because of the high quality insulation that it can give.

· Style- the roll up and the tilt up door are the basic style of wooden garage doors. When you go for roll up door, it is tight fitting to the in between the door and the door opening. Because this kind of door is installed behind the door opening. As for the roll up doors, it has four horizontal sections and these are hinged together to roll on to the track when open. The tilt up garage doors is installed inside the door opening. The whole panel tilts out and it will be pushed to open. If you want to save money then this kind of door is for you.

Wooden garage doors are very popular for homeowners because it is affordable and functional.

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Wooden Garage Doors

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Wooden Garage Doors

This article was published on 2011/02/17