Keep Your Toilet Clean and Smell Good

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Keeping your toilet clean and smelling good is important because dirty toilets cannot only look horrible and smell disgusting but can also make underground water polluted. Can you imagine how to have a good shower if you can smell the bad scent of your dirty toilet? That will have to be pretty destructing, right? For sure, you won't enjoy that and nobody will so better clean your toilet very well.

Most often, commercial cleaning products are used in cleaning toilets. But, haven't you known that commercial cleaning products are dangerous to human health? Yes, they truly are and not only to humans but also to plants, animals and to the environment. So, if you are one of those who are using dangerous commercial cleaning products stop using it now and switch to organic cleaning products. This will keep your family from being exposed into harmful chemical ingredients and it will help preserve the ecosystem.

Don't worry though as you can still effectively clean your home without those commercial cleaning solutions. There are various natural cleaning products that you can use which are far beneficial alternatives than those toxic-based solutions. These natural cleaning products are easy to make, less expensive and most importantly they are safe to use. They are made from natural ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits that are non-toxic.

Learn some steps on how to clean your toilet in a safe and easy way

Step1: Wear a utility (rubber) gloves and be sure that it is not the same gloves you are using in cleaning the rest of your home. The utility gloves that you must use in cleaning your toilet should only be used in cleaning your toilet.

Step2: Before you start, remove all of the items that are placed around and over your toilet. Most people love decorations so they are decorating the top of their toilets with figurines, marbles and linens. You must remove those decorations to avoid or prevent accidents such as accidental drops.

Step3: Wipe your toilet with the use of sponge or rug. Moisten the rug with hot water and wipe the lid, the base, the tank, the exterior and the seat of the bowl.

Step4: Apply exact amount of toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl by simply spraying it.

Step5: Start spraying on the rim and move towards the inner surface of the bowl.

Step6: Soak for a half hour.

Step7: Scrub the whole surface of the bowl with the use of a toilet brush.

Step8: Flush the toilet for an easy rinsing or else wash with hot water.

Step9: Spray an air freshener or place a toilet freshener into the safe area inside you comfort room.

Step10: Close the comfort room door to keep the fragrance.

Try the above given steps to have a well-cleaned toilet. These steps are easy to follow and can greatly make your toilet cleaning successful and effective.

Clean your toilets safe and with less expense by using the natural cleaning products and prevent the danger you can get in the commercial household cleaning products. These natural cleaning products are available from groceries and markets. You can even produce your own green cleaning products out of basic household ingredients.

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Keep Your Toilet Clean and Smell Good

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Keep Your Toilet Clean and Smell Good

This article was published on 2012/03/25