How to Choice Right Style Curtain Rods For Your Windows

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It's all about knowing your personal style - can you imagine that? Imagination: the ability to connect to your creative juices.  The act of pulling together the perfect elements are for your projects. The knowledge is necessary for selecting the perfect curtain rod.

It's funny; most of us don't think we're creative, especially when it comes to decorating our homes. We've all heard someone say, "Oh, I just don't think that way.  I'm just not creative!" But you know they are - everything in their lives proves it.  And you know if they had to pick a new curtain rod they wouldn't be as overwhelmed as you.

Curtain RodsDon't laugh - curtain rods are an important part of your decorating scheme.  They're like wardrobe accessories: they finish the outfit, make the room pull together and give your windows a completed look. Just start looking at photos of rooms and imagine different curtain rods for the window treatments - you'll understand. It really is important to choose the right curtain rod! Let's break this process down into a few fast and east steps.  Here we'll address that imagination thing - how to know what will fit best in your room.

The trick to choosing a curtain rod knows your style, your window, your room . . . your self. Now don't panic, we're going to explain how you can do this without losing any brain cells or sanity. It can be as easy as just looking around your room.

So let's start there: look around your room. Do you know your style? Define it, and name the items in the room that match it. Want to take this a step further? Ask yourself: if you could, what would you add to the room to make it even better? This will sharpen your focus while you look for a curtain rod.

That didn't help figure out your style? It's okay, that's why we're here, to help you figure it out. Let's go back to the room.

Sit down in the room and make a list of everything in it you like.  Now take a close look at the list. What do all these things have in common: color, style, texture? This exercise may be all you need to get a good idea of what your style is and lead you easily to the next step of picking out a curtain rod: deciding on the right type curtain rod.  

Or it might not. If you're still not sure go to your clothes closet and take a look.  What kind of clothes do you prefer? Now the key word here is preferred. Lots of us have a closet full of work clothes but they may not be what we put on Saturday morning. So look at the clothes you like - or love - to wear. Are they all-dressed-up fancy, casual, grungy, themed (you know, like sports)? What color is most predominant?

Now think. Do your rooms and clothes have anything in common?  If they do you're set, and ready for the next step in narrowing down your selection of curtain rods: choosing that right type curtain rod.

Still not sure what your style is? We get it - for some people there are just way too many other things in life that are more important. That's okay. But you're still reading this, so it's time to move on and figure out your style for your new curtain rods!

Here's a simple strategy: go to a bookstore or library and get a stack of decorating books - ones with lots of pictures. Sit down in a comfy chair and start thumbing through. Make notes while you're looking. What do you like in each picture? Maybe it's the color of the walls, or the combination of room colors.  Do you like the trim style? Perhaps it's the furniture that's grabbed you. Maybe there's nothing you like, or something you really don't like. When you're done look at your list: what do they all have in common?

By now you should feel a lot more confident about what your style is, and picking out your new curtain rods will be so much easier!  And don't worry: if you're thinking you're still totally un-imaginative and this just won't work for you, hang in there. You might be one of those people who has to go through all the steps before the light comes on and you understand. So just keep moving forward.

And congratulate yourself - you've taken the first step toward choosing those new curtain rods.  You've got your style nailed down, or at least loosely gripped, and it's time for the next step: deciding what type rod will work best for your window treatment.  Are you ready?

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How to Choice Right Style Curtain Rods For Your Windows

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How to Choice Right Style Curtain Rods For Your Windows

This article was published on 2011/03/09