How to Choice Perfect Curtain Rods

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Are you finally replacing those dated window coverings? Don't forget to replace that curtain rod too - with so many styles, materials, colors and decorative hardware available today, you'll have a great time picking out your new curtain rods!

Maybe you're moving into a new place and get to decorate. Don't overlook the effect a great curtain rod can have on your room. If you haven't noticed the selections today in curtain rods you're in for a real surprise.

What are your options? You can choose from standard rods, spring-loaded rods, traverse rods, decorative rods, adjustable rods, magnetic rods, double and triple rods . . . made from brass, chrome, ivory, graphite, mahogany, teak, and walnut, plastic, metal . . . . And we haven't even mentioned color or style yet!

Curtain RodsSo how do you narrow all these options down to the perfect curtain rod for your window? It's not as hard as it sounds. Like most projects you'll need to have a plan, so start deciding - -

Do you want your curtain rod exposed or hidden by the curtains?  If it's exposed it should match the room's style and décor, so look around the room to figure that out.  (A lot of you don't have to do that; you just know your style.  But there are others....)
Now consider what kind of curtain or drape you'll be hanging.  Will it be light and billowy, heavy and insulating or something in between?  You guessed it: the weight of the coverings will be instrumental in choosing your rod.  Maybe you want a layered look, so you'll be considering double or triple rods.

How will your rods be hung - inside or outside the window frame? For outside the frame - on the wall: the idea here is usually to cover the window completely.  Measure 2-5" out from each side of the window trim. The total curtain rod length should be about 12" longer than your window width. And don't be fooled: measure each window in the room - they may look the same size, but they may not be!

If you're hanging a curtain rod inside the window frame (typically spring or magnetic rods) measure at the inside point of the window.  Again, measure each and every window - you don't want any surprises later!

Don't get scared off and quit yet - this is all easier than you might be thinking.  You'll probably just know what rod is right when you see it.  After all, it will probably catch your eye because it‘s your style. So hang in there ‘cause now's the fun part: shopping!

Today you have the option of buying a pre-packaged curtain rod set with all the parts and pieces you need.  That can save you time and energy, and easily meet your window covering needs.

Or you can individually select each part for your curtain rods.  Thanks to our access to online stores today you can easily customize your curtain rods. Just mix and match rods, finials, rings, pinch clips, brackets, holdbacks, tiebacks. And don't hold back (oops!) - go for it all!

Whoa - what are all those things?  Well, the finial is that decorative thing that attaches to the end of the rod.  You can get them in pretty much any style, size and color you want.  Be sure to match it to the rod size, room style and color scheme.

Rings and pinch clips are similar: they slide on the curtain rod and attach to the curtains.  In other words the rod and rings or clips are visible, sort of like some shower curtains.
Brackets are used to hold decorative rods on the wall.  They come in every imaginable color, material, style . . . . You won't have trouble finding a pair to fit your room.
Holdbacks and tiebacks serve the same purpose: to gently scoop up your curtains and hold them at the side of the window.  Holdbacks are attached directly to the wall.  Tiebacks are often lengths of cording, some with tassel ends that tie around the "belly" of your open curtains to hold them back.

So here you are then, ready to make that plan, Stan, for creating a room you'll love - all by beginning with the perfect curtain rods!... Who'd a though?

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How to Choice Perfect Curtain Rods

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How to Choice Perfect Curtain Rods

This article was published on 2011/02/25