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 The weather is turning colder and the creepy stinkers are back yet again. And with the rate that they are multiplying, they are already exhibiting the potential to take over the entire country. stink bug infestation is a major concern for people across the United States, with their resistance to pesticides and the toll they take on the overall agricultural produce. But, even that doesn’t put a damper on the actual menace that these bugs threaten to unleash-their foul stench!

On getting alarmed, Stink Bugs release a foul odor that is bad enough to send you running out of the room with your nose pinched. Although this is just a defense mechanism that the bugs use to ward off predators, you definitely wouldn’t want them using it inside your home. On the top of it, the stink is very hard to get rid of and no amount of room fresheners or perfumes will make the room bearable once a stink bug spread its foul odor in it. Thus, it is best to go by the old proverb and taking preventive measures to protect yourself and your home sweet home.

Garlic Water:

Garlic emits a smell that can repel most insects including stink bugs. Make a solution of water and garlic and spray it around your garden and on places where stink bugs tend to migrate to. Repeat this for two three days and keep stink bugs at bay.


Mint is another herb that can be made into a solution with water and sprayed around the house and in your lawn to keep stink bugs from coming near your house. Admittedly, mint is a better smelling method of new jersey stink bug control as compared to garlic.


Growing catnip in your lawn will effectively keep stink bugs away as the plant acts as an insect repellant. And, if you want to save yourself from the botheration of having to plant it in your lawn, simply use catnip powder (easily available at any grocery store) and sprinkle it around your lawn. It will keep stink bugs from nesting in your lawn.

Dish Detergent:

You can make your very own and highly effective insecticidal soap at home by mixing everyday dish washing soap and water. This solution can be sprayed over the most bug prone areas, including drains and sewers and yields similar results to professional new jersey stink bug extermination



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Home Remedies For Stink Bug Control

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Home Remedies For Stink Bug Control

This article was published on 2012/03/22