Eureka Forbes AquaGuard and trust of consumers

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The very utterance of the ‘AquaGuard Reviva Total’ will certainly bring similes to the lips of many a mother, especially those who are already availing the invaluable benefits of this water purifier. Eureka Forbes is the company banked upon by over 30 million Indian households with purifiers alone constituting eight million plus. The figure well substantiates the company’s objective to touch maximum lives delivering only the best and creating a healthier world. AquaGuard Reviva Total is only one example of its huge list of innovative purifiers. Every system finds appreciation on web, particularly blog posts where users narrate and share their experiences.

It is the ‘reverse osmosis plus’ in the AquaGuard Reviva Total that is the key magnetic feature. Today’s polluted water may contain harmful lead. Researches have proven that this lead causes damage of the brain in young children. The aforesaid technology incorporated in AquaGuard Reviva Total helps remove this harmful lead during the purification process. Do not misapprehend this purifier with the Aquaguard Reviva - RO 25 LPH Storage, Aquaguard Reviva - RO 50 LPH Storage, Aquaguard Reviva - RO 50 LPH Basic, and Aquaguard Reviva - RO 25 LPH Basic. The latter are all institutional purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes.

Why is the Eureka Forbes AquaGuard the number one choice amongst millions of Indians? Reasons are many. Few of the key reasons are enlisted below:

·   Track record of serving people beyond expectations for thirty years now. Over 8 million people from across the country have laid their trust on Eureka Forbes

·   Each Eureka Forbes AquaGuard is a true epitome of innovation, groundbreaking technology, superlative quality and purification effectiveness

·   Eureka Forbes AquaGuard happens to be the first brand of water purifiers for domestic use introduced in the Indian market

·   Pan India availability of Eureka Forbes AquaGuard right at the consumers’ doorsteps. The company runs one of the largest networks in India catering to more than 145 cities and 398 towns; 15,000 strong dealer sales network and over 58 distributor industrial sales network are an additional milestone achieved

·   A team of over 7500 direct personnel facilitates delivery and installation of Eureka Forbes AquaGuard at homes across India in the specified time

·   Aquaguard water purifier price is blueprinted to suit the pockets of all

·   Customers always experience a continued and trouble free after sales support; there are 1500 plus service centres from where 5800 plus trained technicians operate

·   Certification of every Eureka Forbes AquaGuard water purifier endorsed by recognized international bodies

·   Wide range of purifiers for any application, right from domestic to commercial use.

AquaGuard water purifier price ranges from as low as Rs. 5,990 (UF system) to Rs. 18,990 (Total Sensa). There are also purifiers under the Rs. 2000 figure from Eureka Forbes. Reviva Total AquaGuard water purifier price is fixed at Rs. 10,990. Buyers hardly consider price as they are confident about technology exploited and quality exhibited. AquaGuard water purifier price is never a constraint for the health conscious informed buyer.



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Eureka Forbes AquaGuard and trust of consumers

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Eureka Forbes AquaGuard and trust of consumers

This article was published on 2012/02/23