Curbing aquatic nuisances … aquatic weeds control

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Weeds and algae are the distinguishing markers of rich flora and fauna of ponds, lakes and pools. And weeds and algae growth indicates the breeding of nuisance in these fresh waters. Uncontrolled growth can play havoc with the balance of the eco-system and so we need to administer the aquatic weeds control very often. The weeds control will be a comprehensive term for various algaecides, weedicides, herbicides and such related actions. They cleanse and improve the health of water and as such that of the related environment. These actions are of prime importance because undue growth of any plant can lead to loss of nutrients to the other organisms that require them. Thus, aquatic weed removal is very significant step that helps maintain the balance of the aquatic environment.

There are various methods which can be adopted for exercising weed control and they are differentiated on the basis of the resources used. If we prefer to use natural methods then the control strategy is called natural weed control. This is most popular amongst the environment savvy population and does not have any harmful effects on the nature. This works in synchronization with the activities of the nature and thus works on the balance of the nature too. Moreover, these methods have been provided by the nature itself. So, they have no long term hazards or effects on the aquatic life. The algae being rootless can be removed effectively but weeds resurface and re-grow and as such practicing natural methods alone is not sufficient. This has to be clubbed together with the other chemicals and enzymes most of which have been tested to be bio-degradable and certified as non-harming to the aquatic life.

More stringent practices involve the use of aquatic weed cutter tools that help to get rid of those stubborn roots that lead to propagation of weeds. These cutters work both under water and over water and on all floating and non-floating weeds. These are quite effective in checking the re-growth as they cut out the roots and the plant all together whereas the natural methods and chemicals do not have any effect on the roots. Also, there are aquatic weed killer techniques available. The weed killers can be used in natural ponds, lakes, and pools and artificially created aquatic environments too and these kill the growing plants and create less favorable conditions for future. And since these enzymes are toxic in nature they render water unfit for consumption both by animals and humans. It takes some days for the toxicity to reduce. So, these methods are used only when the weed trouble is acute and severe. Otherwise less toxic means can be used to check the temporary growth of weeds. Pond and lake maintenance activities can be regularly and frequently carried out in order to reduce the severity of the weeds and algae. And complete elimination of any species is never recommended. For this alters the cycles of life, food chains and good webs. So, not all weeds and algae are harmful but those that, have to be nipped in their buds, as they say.

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Curbing aquatic nuisances … aquatic weeds control

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Curbing aquatic nuisances … aquatic weeds control

This article was published on 2012/03/15