Cleaning Hanging Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds collect dust and theres no stopping it. You can bet on this happening and it doesnt matter what material they are made from. Even if you dust them regularly eventually they will need a good cleaning.

The best way to clean the blinds is by removing them from the window and cleaning them in the bath tub or outside. However for many people removing them may be complicated so heres a few tips on what to do if you fall into this category.

1.Tie back curtains so they dont get dirty. Put a drop cloth on the windowsill under the blinds and on the floor to catch any dripping.

2.Choose a cleaner suitable for the material your blinds are made of. It may be as simple as water and soap or ammonia solution. Either way, try keeping your method environmentally friendly.

3.Wiping the blinds: you can use paper towels or clean rags. Old socks are also good, especially if you have one wet and one to dry. Just make sure whatever you use you change it often since washing the blinds with a dirty towel will leave dirty residue and youll have to wash the blinds again.

4.Cleaning process: Lower the blinds, open them, and begin from the top. You could close the blinds but I think keeping them open, even at an angle will allow you to hold each one easily while you are wiping them. Even though they may be made from flexible material you dont want to bend them too much.

5.Applying the cleaner: Pouring the cleaner on the surface of the blinds like youre filling a beer mug may not be the best idea. Theyre still hanging and despite the drop cloth precautions, you just need a little bit of moisture to get the job done. Using a spray bottle is a great idea, as it would provide just enough moisture to loosen the filth and let you run a cloth over it without overflow.

6.Heavy grease: For grimier splotches of dirt you may want to spray those areas first giving them a chance to loosen and then go back.

7.Dryer sheets: When the cleaning is done and the blinds are dry wiping them with dryer sheets will decrease the static electricity that attracts dust.

NOTE: Most of the dirt will probably be on one side of the blinds but if not, repeat steps 5 to 7.

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Cleaning Hanging Venetian Blinds

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This article was published on 2010/11/07