Clean up your Drawer with Jewelry Organizers

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If your dresser drawers are filled with little gift boxes holding your jewelry, chances are you are never wearing half of what you own.

You are far better off storing your collection in jewelry organizers designed to make good use of other spaces than your drawers. These organizers will keep your jewelry safe, not letting it get tangled up when you store it with other pieces. But, most importantly, you can see your collection at a glance. Remember, jewelry that you don't see every day will be forgotten.


One of the best ways to store bracelets and necklaces is on an over-the-door jewelry organizer. The rack hooks over your bedroom or closet door, keeping more than 300 pieces of jewelry in plain sight. This powder-coated steel rack, measuring 21½ inches by 31 inches, includes 10 ring hooks that can hold up to 50 rings. It also has space to hold more than 75 pairs of earrings, 75 bracelets or watches, and 16 necklace hooks that can hold some 100 necklaces. Just imagine, this one simple rack storing more jewelry than any jewelry box. Best of all, your jewelry is right out there for you to see. When you're getting ready in the morning, you can grab your jewelry and go.

If earrings are your passion, you might do well with a folding acrylic earring rack. When you are making your selection, unfold the rack and place it on your dresser or vanity. When you've made your selection, it folds compactly for storage. This rack, made of four transparent, hinged panels, holds up to 128 pairs of earrings - with holes and hooks to hold post, wire and hoop earrings. It measures 10¾ inches by 17 inches.

Closet hangers

If you prefer to keep your collection out of sight, try a hanging jewelry organizer, which hangs over your closet rod. Hanging from the hook are 80 transparent pockets - 40 on each side. It takes up very little precious closet space but holds a tremendous amount of jewelry. The vinyl pockets make it easy to view your collection - and the pockets also keep your jewelry from gathering dust. It measures 35 inches long by 18 inches across.

For a smaller collection of jewelry, check out the jewelry hanger. It is literally a hanger that has been outfitted to store up to 28 pairs of earrings and 24 necklaces. You can hang the hanger on the closet rod, on the wall or over the back of a door. It is designed to maintain its balance and not tip to one side or the other. This coated steel hanger is 13¼ inches wide by 8½ inches deep.


If you prefer something more stately in which to store your jewelry, you would probably like a wooden armoire. They come in rich mahogany or cherry wood finishes and fit right in with traditional bedroom suites. The medium mahogany jewelry armoire has six felt-lined drawers - four of which are smaller and feature dividers to separate your jewelry; the bottom two drawers are larger and can hold bigger pieces. Doors on either side of the drawers swing out, revealing four hooks on which you can store necklaces and bracelets. The top of the armoire lifts up to reveal ring holders. The armoire is 15¾ inches wide by 40 inches high.

For even more space, check out the traditional cherry jewelry armoire. It has four swing-out doors, two on each side. Open the top two doors and you will find racks that can hold 50 pairs of earrings and 10 flat hooks for bracelets or necklaces. Below the hooks is storage space for rings. Open the next two doors and there are six more hooks on each side, as well as five felt-lined drawers - also divided. Below the swing-out doors are two more drawers that are large enough to hold bigger items. The armoire is 16 inches wide by 44½ inches high.

Hanging cabinets

Several models of hanging jewelry cabinets double as hanging mirrors. When closed, they looked like a lovely beveled, framed mirror. Open it up and there are places to hang your necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Best of all, some models close with a lock and key for additional security. It is 14¾ inches wide by 48¼ inches tall.

Another version of a hanging cabinet has a beveled mirror and the wooden frame carries a decorative appliqué. This model is available in white or espresso brown. The inside of the cabinet is lined with black felt. It has various storage options, such as six double hooks for necklace and bracelet sets, 11 flat hooks for slender necklaces, six hooks for bracelets, eight rows to store rings, three racks hoop and hook earrings, and even a removable tray for your stud earrings. The armoire door has a lock and key for security.

If your jewelry collection is stuffed in little boxes in your dresser, bring it out and store it in one of these great organizers.

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Clean up your Drawer with Jewelry Organizers

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Clean up your Drawer with Jewelry Organizers

This article was published on 2012/03/15