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You had been having quite a few problems with your air conditioning system and were told to seriously consider replacing your system.  You did not want to hear the news but it was expected since the system was over ten years old.  You started to do your research like every person should and found three different units on the internet that would work for your home.  The best thing that you could was load yourself with information so when it came time to speak with the contractors you would know what to ask or at least understand some of what they would be saying of the air conditioning systems they would be trying to sell you.

You had a certain amount of money to work with unless the contractor was willing to finance and you were hoping this would be an option otherwise you were not going to be able to afford a good system and would probably be replacing it again in a few years.  You knew how big your house was and you had a two story so you wanted to make sure that you had a two zone unit.  The advantage of this was to allow the upstairs and downstairs to be controlled separately. 

You had finally narrowed it down to a Carrier because of the write ups and you liked the idea that they used Puron® an environmentally sound, chlorine-free refrigerant.  It was shown to be more efficient and Carrier air conditioning contractors were among the first heating and cooling manufacturers to use a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.  This told you that the manufacturer kept up on their research and development.  You had also read that the Carrier air conditioning products were Energy Star and that meant you would be saving money in a long run.  Something else you were hoping for since you would now be making payments if you were financed.  Something else you had to squeeze into your budget.

You realized that Sears was listed as one of the contractors and sighed.  You had been doing business with Sears for years and this would not be the first time dealing with something for your home.  You had purchased your appliances there so you knew they offered financing.  In fact, if you caught it at the right time you might hit one of their promotions where it would be interest free if the balance is paid off within a certain number of months.  Your fingers were crossed as you were making the call.  You spoke with the Carrier air conditioning contractor and scheduled an appointment that week.  They had the perfect air conditioning system and even though the item did not have a financial promotion it was on sale and you did qualify for the financing.  Sears had come through for you once again.

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Carrier Air Conditioning Contractor

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This article was published on 2011/01/14