A Simple Way To Cut Energy Bills

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As a homeowner you want to ensure that your home is comfortable without having to shell out a huge sum to the energy companies. Heating and cooling costs account for almost 50 percent of a homeowner's energy bill.

To reduce your energy bill without reducing the comfort levels at home, you need to find a way to reduce heating and cooling costs. By upgrading the insulation of your home, air sealing it, and reducing humidity it is possible to reduce your heating and cooling bills by 30 percent. Before you decide to replace the heating and cooling equipment at home, call a home insulation company in Delaware to perform an energy audit. This will enable you to decide whether upgrading the insulation of your home will pay off for the long term.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Once you have decided to upgrade the insulation of your home you need to decide on the type of insulation. Typically, home insulation can be done using:


Fiberglass Batt

Spray Foam

Each of these has its own advantages that make it more suitable for specific purposes. Spray foam insulation is more expensive than the other two materials, but provides better insulation. Spray foam insulation is made up of polyurethane foam. It comes in two forms - open cell and closed cell.

The major advantage of spray foam is that it expands when sprayed and reaches all spaces ensuring that there are no gaps in the insulation. This is vital since even a 5 percent void in insulation material can lead to a 50 percent reduction in insulation. Fiberglass batt by its nature is difficult to install leading to voids and lower insulation.

Spray foam also has superior adhesive properties meaning that when used in wall studs and other cavities automatically seals any small cracks. This eliminates the need to first seal cracks and then insulate, saving time.

Moreover, closed cell spray foam is a very effective barrier against moisture. Unlike cellulose or fiberglass batts that become damaged when exposed to moisture, closed cell spray foam ensures that the moisture is kept out. This reduces the chances of mold formation in wall studs and other cavities.

By choosing to have spray foam insulation for your Delaware home, you will save money in the long term.

Selecting Insulation Contractors

When you decide to upgrade the insulation of your home, you need to look for expert contractors. This is because improperly installed insulation will permit heat transfer and not reduce your energy bill as expected. A smart insulation contractor in Delaware will have the special equipment needed to insulate your home with spray foam. They will be able to advise you on the best way to upgrade the insulation and do it with minimal disruption to your life. Spray foam insulation in Wilmington, Delaware, or any other place requires expert technicians with hazmat suits and special respirators.

By selecting a contractor that has experience in such installation you will be able to maximize the insulation of your home. Once you have upgraded the insulation, you can change the air conditioning unit at your Delaware home to one that consumes lower energy. This too will help reduce your energy bill while keeping your home both cool and comfortable.


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A Simple Way To Cut Energy Bills

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This article was published on 2012/03/29